About our Home

Friendly intimacy and gentle motivation characterise Hazelroyd Nursing Home, an elderly nursing home in a quiet residential area of Halifax. While we support them to maintain independence with dignity, through tailored stimulation residents strengthen links with their past and explore new skills and interests in the present.


Activities and Events

We consider it very important for our service users to have available a range of suitable recreational activities from which to choose. We will encourage and help you to find activities in which you would like to participate.


Diet and Menu

We consider it vital that you enjoy meals and mealtimes, both from the point of view of having a wholesome and nourishing diet and also as a chance to meet and socialise with other service users.



As well as our experienced staff members who will look after you, additional support is provided by a number of other healthcare professionals. Examples include doctors, specialist nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and their attendance, if by referral, is free of charge.


Services and Facilities

Our home comprises of three individually designed units, each with its unique theme and homely feel. Our aim is to give your loved one a sense of security and comfort during their stay with us at Nelson Manor.


Staff and training

Our Qualified Nurses support the entire staff complement in providing holistic care and support to enable you to lead as full and fulfilling a life as possible.

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