Diet and Menu

We consider it vital that you enjoy meals and mealtimes, both from the point of view of having a wholesome and nourishing diet and also as a chance to meet and socialise with other service users. However, if you prefer to have your meal in your own room, this can be arranged. Our mealtimes are protected, which means that staff are available to give assistance as necessary.

The menu for the day will be displayed providing details of the choices available. A photo menu is available to assist with selection.

The food is freshly cooked on the premises and the menus are planned to ensure that you have a well-balanced and varied diet. All diets can be catered for and your Key Worker will spend time discussing your needs and preferences with you.

Snacks and soft drinks are available for you to enjoy main meal times.

So long as your GP approves, meals can be enhanced by a dose of alcoholic refreshment from time to time; there is no reason why you should not enjoy your favourite drink in moderation. We of course must make sure that the rights and safety of all our service users are respected in this regard.

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